We hear from many potential clients this very statement, “I went to a party and the music was just ok.”. After many conversations with clients regarding concerns about what kind of music will be played at their event we decided the best thing to do was to work together as a team. This concept has been abundantly successful.

"THIS  IS  HOW  WE  DO  IT" ~ Montell Jordan

There are, on average, 80 songs played at an event from beginning to end.  We ask our clients to make a 30 song playlist of their favorites.  This would include a sprinkling of good listening music for the first part of the event and a bit of their favorite dance music for when the party really gets started.  We will then build a playlist around these important songs and add to it by reading the crowd.  This way our clients have personalized their event and we our using our expertise to make the party a true success.  We can provide music for all types of events with our extensive and eclectic library. Listen to samples of our mixmasters in action.