About The Owners

Forward by: Lisa Capitanelli Kasberg

Welcome to Cheers Entertainment! From the beginning of its inception Cheers has been an incredibly successful company. It didn’t take long for potential clients to realize that this was indeed a company that stood out from the rest. Yes, they have top notch DJ’s, musicians, dancers, party motivators and lighting technicians, but what makes Cheers Entertainment so great is their commitment to impeccable customer service. When Cheers was launched the focus was to make sure that each client was well taken care of. I am happy to say that this stands true to this day. In 2016, Cheers Entertainment went through a bit of a change when I decided it was time to retire. When it was time to hand over the baton it was so important that the sole philosophy of the company remained in tact. I knew there were two men who would carry on and continue to make the company successful.


So let me officially introduce you to Brian and Al! They are fantastic businessmen and great business partners who just so happen to be incredibly talented DJ’s too! They take pride in making every single event the best they can be and have not missed a beat and created a seamless transition from owner to owner with much consistency. This is a true testament to Brian and Al’s commitment to each event they produce. In short you will not be disappointed. Look no further, Cheers is by far the best in the business.