Corporate Events

It's time to plan your holiday party, employee picnic or convention once again.  Our clients have expressed that they are looking for the entertainer to "engage the crowd." Corporations come to us because this is truly our specialty. We do this by building a blueprint suited to your group's interactive personality. Our MC and DJ package is the simplest way to make your party happen and from that point you can pump the volume by adding in the other cool services we have to offer.  Most of our repeat clients ask us to change it up every year and anticipate something new and creative to keep their event fresh, fun and totally unexpected.  Some of our programs were created because we have clients who have hired us for over a decade and they want something new every year... Scroll down and read all about them!   All the packages listed below are offered with your choice of DJ or live band. 

Back to the Basics

Entertainment Package


Cheers offers simply great entertainment. Our basic package includes an MC with a DJ or live band for your special event. Our entertainers will create a great party personalized to fit your needs. All of our performers are trained in “engaging the crowd” to get the party going in a comfortable setting.  Whether you are requesting great ambient music for cocktails & dinner, great dance music for the reception, or some next-level fun entertainment... we can make it happen!

Giveaways! Glow Sticks! Blinking Lights!


We’ve got hats, shades, maracas, head bobbers, necklaces and so much more!  If your plan is to have an interactive night... then giveaways are a must!  We’ll help you choose the giveaways that best suit your party and we will pass them out while the dance floor is packed.

Want to light up the dance floor? How about necklaces that glow in the dark or glowing shutter shades? You and your friends will be blinged out and glowing all night long.

Club Lighting


We have GREAT lighting packages. Each lighting fixture contains four colored lights and graphics that move to the beat of the music. We offer two types of “basic” club lighting if you are looking to add just a bit of excitement on the dance floor. If you are in need of some serious "WOW" factor, we also can build a more elaborate personalized club lighting package with trussing and intelligent lighting.

Black Light Show


This package is a combination of cool lighting and giveaways that glow in the dark. This is a great addition to our club lighting package. It includes two black light panels and fun giveaways that glow in the dark like sunglasses, hats, maracas and white gloves. If you are tired of seeing the same old thing at your event and want to take your party to the next level, ask about our Black Light Show.



You may be asking yourself, "Wait, why a dancer?"  Our dancers are party motivators.  They are on the dance floor inspiring people to move.   They are trained hip hop free style dancers and are the best in town.   We have roller dancers too with great routines that include getting your guests involved in the show.

Open Air Photobooth


The Open Air Photobooth is similar to the classic booth we all know and love. It's open (rather than enclosed) which allows up to 8 people in the shot!  What makes the photobooth so much fun is how engaging it is.  While guests are posing for their pictures, the folks who are waiting get to watch and laugh along! This service is especially fun during the cocktail hour when your guests first arrive. Check out our photobooth page for more information.

Taking it to the Next Level!

Interactive Game Night

Interactive game night is one of our most popular services for our corporate clients who are looking for some basic entertainment to compliment the event.  We will provide you with a unique program of interactive games and challenges.   We have a host of games to choose from that will bring out the competitive spirit in anyone.  What’s most attractive about Interactive Game Night is that all of your guests will be fully entertained whether they are a contestant or in the audience.  Once the games are over, you’ll be ready to get on the dance floor!

Game Show Mania

Do you have prizes to give away at your corporate event?  If so, Game Show Mania is a perfect choice. This is the ultimate way to give away prizes without calling out endless raffle ticket numbers.  We bring in an actual game show with 2 player positions a la Family Feud.  Choose from general, sports, music and entertainment trivia... or personalize it with trivia related to your company!  If you would like to make it even more fun with a hint of team building, Cheers will create a specialized game show with teams and challenges.  It's perfect for the competitive at heart while also getting everyone involved.

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Gone In Sixty Seconds is one of the latest additions to our repertoire. If you love the show “Minute To Win It,” then this is the game for you. Contestants will come to the stage to compete in a challenge and they must complete the challenge in 60 seconds.  Failure to do so will result in elimination. The competitors who complete their challenge will go into the finals for one last round in which they will all compete against each other at once. The first contestant to complete the final challenge will win the game.


Karaoke is a wonderfully interactive service you can add to your event.  It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a professional singer or you just love singing in the shower, Karaoke is perfect for just about any celebration. We have a large library of songs to choose from in all genres and can provide a video screen(s) for the audience for an additional cost.

Supreme Packages


Video DJ

Having a really great DJ is so important to the success of your event. Having a Video DJ is totally cool!  Our video DJ package includes a Video Disc Jockey with an extensive library of music from classic oldies all the way up to current dance music.  We also provide a video screen(s) and incorporate live video footage throughout the evening. Imagine seeing your guests dancing on the big screens!

Dancing Under The Stars

Dancing Under the Stars is Cheers' latest and greatest supreme package.  It is by far one of the most fun and interactive parties we do. This is an event in itself which includes a live band or DJ with MC and an awesome lighting package similar to the DWTS show.  We provide dance instruction with our professional dancers from Fox Trot to Salsa to Swing for the first half of the show. The second half is an actual Dancing Under the Stars competition.  It also includes a really cool mirror ball trophy!  Call our office for more details.

Comedy On Demand

Comedy on Demand is a uniquely comical experience based on improv theater.  Similar to television's “Whose Line is it Anyway,” Comedy On Demand uses the audience’s suggestions to create short comedy skits that are limited only by the participant’s imagination.

Cheers will put together a hilarious improv show that is personalized to fit your organization. We guarantee that everyone will leave smiling.

Comedy On Demand improvisers have all trained and performed at The Groundlings Theater – the world’s premier improvisation institution. Groundlings alumni include Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Jimmy Fallon, Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman), Pat Morita, as well as Saturday Night Live cast members: Chris Parnell, Will Forte, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig.

Call us for more information on our corporate packages!