Master Class DJ/MC

Brian has been a professional DJ, MC and event host for 20 years. At age 16, He started out spinning vinyl at his home town skating rink and then shortly after, segued into the event industry through DJing weddings, corporate events, mitzvahs and all other social events. He has an expansive knowledge of all types of music and is an incredible mix master. He will make you feel at ease from the very first interview right down to the very last moment of your event. Brian’s undeniable commitment is to create a fantastic event for you and your guests.


Master Class DJ/MC

Al has been has been a DJ and MC in Los Angeles and around the United States for almost 30 years, handling every type of event and spinning everything from Hip Hop to Country and Alternative to EDM. He has been brought in by big companies such as American Airlines, the Anaheim Ducks, Playboy INC, & all of the major film studios to hear his unique blends of all genres of music. With Al's talent and experience, you will always get the event you envisioned.


Master Bilingual DJ/MC

Sergio is our Bi Lingual MC/DJ, who can rock any type of event we throw at him. He developed his style in the underground mobile club scene producing and throwing parties, earning his DJ wings the only way you can by spinning night after night for many years. Sergio is also known for his deep understanding of Latin Music, knowing it so well that he gives lectures to packed rooms of DJs wanting to better understand the genre, making us non Spanish speaking DJs even better. Sergio delves so deep, he will figure out your regions best music, and to top it all off he is super easy to work with and one of the coolest guys you could have work with you on your event.


Master Class DJ/MC

Nathan has handled hundreds of weddings and has a style that is so down to earth and genuine that after you work with him you will probably add him to your holiday card list. When I look at any DJ/MC, I look to see how many skills they have in their toolbox, and Nathan's toolbox is deep. He has a fantastic grasp of all Music genres over all the decades, something missing in most DJs today, and his ability to inspire and motivate groups is why you will love him.


Mixmaster DJ

Ray has been DJing professionally for over 15 years. Originally hailing from Philadelphia Pa he now resides in Los Angeles bringing a unique style of blends and mixes that has been shaped by providing music for weddings, private events, clubs and lounges all over the east coast.

Starting from a purely Hip-Hop background, Ray has evolved into a well rounded DJ with an expansive library that includes his forte of funk and soul as well as the classics of all genres from decades past. Not to mention his repertoire of current hits that get you out on the dance floor all night long!

When you have a conversation with Ray, you will immediately take a liking to him. He has a welcoming personality and so genuine.


Elite Class DJ/MC

Dru has been DJing for over 20 years. He is a true master of ceremonies and fantastic DJ specializing in weddings and corporate events. What makes Dru stand out is his outstanding professionalism coupled with a wonderfully light hearted personality that always brings a smile to his clients and guests attending his events. From the first meeting with Dru until the very last moment of your event, you will find only great excitement as he transforms your day into a spectacular event.


Elite Class DJ/MC

Jason came to L.A. in 1990 to pursue an acting career. Attended a wedding in 1992 where he saw a DJ play tunes and get people up dancing in a way he had never seen prior. That was the beginning of a exciting career that would take him on a wild journey of Entertaining all over the world!!

He has been one of the most requested Emcee’s for some of the top companies such as Phizer, Pacific Bell, BMW, LAPD, CBS Television, Buena Vista Television, Sony Pictures, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and many, many more. He has Entertained in some of the most exotic places – Aruba, Hawaii, Bahamas, St. John, and all over the U.S.