There's no such thing as a Wedding Day Do Over

I have heard so many horror stories from couples who have recently gotten married and are now attending an event as guests. On a regular basis I will have a couple come up to me at my DJ booth and say those famous words. “We just got married and our DJ was awful.” The reasons are always the same and it baffles me that there are DJs in my area who just don’t care about their clients. Most likely their motivation is "easy money" and they don’t really understand the magnitude of their client's very important day. Here are some typical complaints that these poor couples have shared with me:

The most popular complaint of course is that the DJ played everything on the couple's “Do Not Playlist." This is just one sign that the DJ is not listening to the client. You will notice in the first 15 minutes of your initial meeting with a DJ if he/she is truly listening... so pay special attention!

The second most popular complaint is that the DJ didn’t play anything off of the special request playlist. My thought is that there should always be a special request playlist provided by the client to infuse their personality into the event while still allowing a coming together between the client and the DJ. About 80 songs are played at an average event, so I always suggest to my clients to pick about 20 songs that are really important and then allow the DJ bring in to play their expertise in reading the crowd.

The third most popular complaint is that the DJ could not engage the crowd. This is crucial to your event because you are bringing two families together for the most important day of your life. If your DJ does not have the ability to engage then there will be a disconnected vibe and even negative energy. Your DJ doesn’t necessarily need to be “interactive” but he must know how to interact with your guests.

Remember, the last thing you want are any kind of distractions or regrets during and after you wedding. Many of these couples I’ve chatted with agree. There are no “do overs” when it comes to a wedding reception, so make it the best that it can be by choosing wisely.

By Lisa Capitanelli Kasberg